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Thanks for helping us! 

Alexander Clemencia February 20, 2020

The domain specialist who helped me was terrific and answered all my questions. Thank you very much. 

Jonny February 18, 2020

Thank you huge domains for providing excellent service in purchasing the domain and I was very happy to have the domain what I wanted the most.i highly recommend the site and team 

Koteshwaraprasad Veeragandham February 17, 2020 BookMySurgery.COM

It was great service, fast response, direct feedback & info. I only wish if there was a discount on the price as it was a relatively high price. 

Samer Juha February 17, 2020

My purchase of was easy, fast, and professional. The whole process took less than 15 minutes and I am completely satisfied with my purchase. I run a busy schedule and the reliability, and speed to get everything confirmed, set up, and running is phenomenal. I highly recommend this company, and will definitely continue doing business with HugeDomains. 

Maddy Camili February 14, 2020

Nice service, a bit expensive though 

JUAN M DEL Hoyo Hernando February 13, 2020

Everything was fine 

Alexandr Vilcov February 12, 2020

Fast and Efficient 

Jeffrey Chee February 12, 2020

Amazing service. Fast and hassle free! 

Brent McDowell February 12, 2020 HugeDomains Customer

Very easy company to work with. 

Chad Potts February 11, 2020

All went nice and smoothly. 100% confident. Thanks.I got 

Mario February 7, 2020

I was able to secure the exact domain name for a fraction of the total cost to get up and running right away. And even after I paid off the domain, 's customer service and technical support were super responsive, helpful, quick and efficient. If you're in the market to obtain an unavailable domain, is the way to go. 

Bryan Duplechain February 7, 2020

Very Professional. Great service! 

S.I. February 5, 2020 HugeDomains Customer

Requests are resolved quickly 

Vicky Tu February 4, 2020

Efficient and fast. Recommend 

Roderick Vassallo January 30, 2020

Very fast, safe and easy. Recommend. 

Roderick Vassallo January 30, 2020

These guys are awesome to work with. I recommend them to everyone. They are very responsive to my questions and always find the answer for you. 

Raquel Nevado January 30, 2020

all good for me 

Dare Akogun January 29, 2020

I liked the option to finance this domain on a monthly plan. I think it's a great way to afford a premium domain, start using it from day 1, and maybe cover future expenses from revenue. Regarding the process, it went really smooth. I recommend them! 

Ali Salah January 28, 2020

Ive just purchased a domain with hugedomain and it was a great experience. Previously I had a bad experience trying to buy the same domain from another company , where they asked me to take a picture of my credicard and send it to them . I found weird and cancelled my purchase. With hugedomain everything went smooth and well , with 48 hours I got my domain . Great job guys. 

Daniel Estrela January 21, 2020

Easy Transaction. 

Peter Schofield January 18, 2020

Fast and easy transaction. Thanks! 

Eddy Chavez January 15, 2020

Huge Domains is very helpful. 

Carla Tugues January 14, 2020

Easy to purchase and user friendly. 

Ramon Sindambiwe January 13, 2020

yes hugedomains was fast and friendly 

kalpesh viradiya January 9, 2020

Had the domain I wanted, the price was fair. The transaction was simple. Thanks! 

Trent Milliron January 8, 2020

Its very nice and smooth experience to purchase 

Srini January 3, 2020

very happy to see your support 

Psdf It December 31, 2019

It was a very easy process and recommended for anyone looking to buy a premium domain and pay it by installments. 

Samantha Ezekiel December 26, 2019

Not only is the price great, but HugeDomains even let me finance the amount! Unheard of in the domain world, and a real blessing for anyone who wants to get their lost domain back or find an even better one at an affordable price. I got lucky, but with HugeDomains, I won't have to worry again, either. They provide email notifications for the slightest changes, as well as crystal clear renewal dates and periods. It's pretty straightforward with HugeDomains, and it's the way domain-buying should have always been! Even their partners offer fantastic service! Those big-name domain sites with TV commercials and stock cars can't even compare. So thankful for HugeDomains, and so ready to continue doing business with them! 

Matthew Brooks December 25, 2019

HugeDomains is safe and efficient. The domain transfer was very fast. Excellent support. Congratulations! 

Kalel December 23, 2019

My experience working with was a very positive one. Their customer service was impeccable and they worked extra hard to secure and transfer my domain. I highly recommend them. 

Todd Klassy December 20, 2019

all went smooth, thank you for the business 

Reto Scherraus-Fenkart December 19, 2019

A big thanks to HugeDomains, this is my second purchase from them and I am still ecstatic about the pricing, opportunity, efficiency and overall customer service experience. 

Clint December 17, 2019

Great name, fast delivery, pleasant experience. The absolute best method to acquire expensive domains.. you can trust you'll get what you buy in a timely manner. 

Pablo Varando December 17, 2019

My first experience with was positive. Checkout was easy and straightforward. Transfer of the domain was very fast and seamless. Would definitely not hesitate to use this company for future domain acquisitions! 

Jeremy Goldsborough December 17, 2019

The purchase of our website was very efficiently handled. Service was very good. 

Merlin Labuschagne December 16, 2019

Easy and pleasant with also the option to spread the cost over saver in my case thank you. 

Michael Isebor December 16, 2019

Easy and Fast. You are great guys! I recommend for everyone. 

Bruno Barbosa December 16, 2019

I experiences a very fast and clear process for the whole journey I had. responses and actions to my requests were very quick and without any error. Was an enjoyable purchase for me. Thanks 

Pashootan Pourpezeshk December 16, 2019

Courteous and very knowledgeable staff 

ROBERT GARDNER December 13, 2019

The process was simple, easy and understandable. 

Szilvia Gurtler December 12, 2019

My transaction with HugeDomains is fast and easy 

Thi Anh Thu Ngo December 11, 2019

excellent. easy and practical to do business with. 

Jane Cox December 7, 2019

I was so impressed that the customer service rep who helped me solved my problem in a matter of minutes. Great job!! 

Deborah Hower Perkins December 4, 2019

Was a great experience buying the domain with my name, wanted since years... and now i get it ;-) Great experience buying in HugeDomains! 

Mauricio Torres December 4, 2019

I am glad huge domains let me access my domain name via its installment plan. Thank you. 

Fikadu Angasu December 3, 2019

I have been looking for the domain for the last few years because I had the order of a client to register it in his name. When I have contacted it has been very fast and simple and, above all, the purchase process has been very safe. Perfect service! 

Javier Fontan December 2, 2019

the negotiation was very fast and clear. Good job 

Carlos Restrepo December 2, 2019

Our company owns all the related domains around the one I purchased so naturally I was concerned that whomever I was dealing with to purchase would create the shenanigans you often hear about when purchasing a premium domain. I was super excited to see that HugeDomains allowed me to purchase the domain strictly through their online system. Their agreement was straightforward, written in plain english with regards to domain transfer and they managed to get me access to the DNS fairly quickly. Also helps they are a Denver based company just like us. Highly Recommend! 

Zeshan Ahmad November 28, 2019


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